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Commodore 64 - Moonspire II preview

The weekend opens with some juicy anticipations for the 8bit world. From the blog we learn that the sequel of Moonspire, from the eponymous name of Moonspire II (eh well) is in development and is expected to be released by 2020.

Moonspire II
 Moonspire is an atypical spaceship game, set in a huge alien complex and the player, on board a spaceship, must travel through the different areas of the complex blasting enemies and solving simple puzzles. All seasoned with Acid music. Last year and this year the game has achieved good public success, so as to convince the creators to produce the sequels.

This time the game will be set directly on Draxx, you will always be aboard a spaceship and your task will be to discover the evil plans of the aliens against humans. The graphics sector has been enormously reworked with a very particular style that pushes the C64 to the limits of imagination. Indeed from the photos that can be viewed on the net, the graphics are original. Even the m…

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