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Ghost 'N Goblins - Amstrad Plus 128K - Preview

Obviously, the most pleasant news is the one that remains in your mind especially during this dark quarantine era and an American keyboard (on which I am writing, a Razer Blackwidow 2014, the all-heavy metal one, almost a typewriter, bought second-hand , like a relic in times that seem like decades ...) "helps".

Two days ago, wandering the net, among the usual retrogaming sites, published an interesting news after months of silence (also from the blog). Ghost 'n Goblins demo for Amstrad is ready! Remake of course. I couldn't wait.

In recent years, Amstrad has also experienced a new renaissance with excellent remakes of conversions that help to re-evaluate a machine that at the time lived in the shadow of the c64, despite the respectable characteristics. So, after R-Type and the announcement of a Sonic for GX4000 / Plus (still in production), we can finally enjoy the demo of the imminent remake of the famous Tokuro Fujiwara's game and published…

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