Commodore 64 - SlipStar - Sarah Jane Avory strikes again

The taste of programming

 Sarah Jane Avory strikes again. This brilliant programmer, an ex-employee of Sega, has some noteworthy works in progress for the future of 8bit enthusiasts and above all for our magnificent machine that is the Commodore 64


 It is the title of a future shoot'em up programmed and designed by Sarah. At the moment there is only a demonstration video published by her on twitter account:

As she admitted, there is still a month to go before the game is completed, some elements have been taken from Neutron, but they will be replaced during the final release. Other features can be deduced from the short video, in fact we will have: a horizontal scrolling, enemies that attack in waves, power ups for the spaceship. Among the graphic features, the parallax levels are worth mentioning! Sarah remembers 4 levels, but they could be many more. We await further news.


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