Commodore 64 - Parasol Stars porting preview

The return of memory

 The memory is short and the 8bit wins on everything! From Bubble Bobble to Rainbow Islands and C64 / 128 they had among the best conversions. Really, if you have never played Raimbow Islands for C64, try to recover it as soon as possible ... But today's news is the conversion of the last chapter of the trilogy, Parasol Stars !!! At the time, It was converted from coin op to Amiga only (among the personal pcs)

The lost conversion

 I make it short: the conversion for the small 8bit was on the street, Colin Porch, author of Head over Heels and Operation Wolf, was well under way when ... His wife destroyed everything (she was dedicated to alcohol and in a moment of rage. ..) !!! The disks with the codes and the demos went up in smoke and Ocean's guys said it was too late to start all over again! Until today's announcement ...

Simon Jameson and the miracle

 Simon Jameson of Evolute Games has not only taken over the conversion, but the work is practically in the final stages! We have the demo and a gameplay video of about 1 minute. The soundtrack and its effects are still missing!



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