Commodore 65 and Mega 65 - release date and price

About the Mega65 it has been talked about for some time. I read that the project originated around 2012/2013. During these six years, from a simple idea, it has become something actually concrete, despite the problem of rights, which would seem more tied to the c64 roms than to the project itself.

When will we see it on the market?

It is, at the moment, perhaps the most important question to ask. Looking through the project's blog and related forum (the blog is hosted on blogspot), you can read an interesting discussion dating back to September 2018, updated to 10 May 2019 (a few days ago). From the answers, we learn important news:

We are working on prototypes and keyboards, and we are currently waiting for the prototype of the PCBs, before we can move forward to the next stage of things.

prototype of the Mega65 keyboard

And subsequently:

Yes, we will expect units within the next 2 years. But experience has taught us that things can go faster or slower than expected.

It's interesting news, we learn that the project is in an advanced stage, they have the keyboard prototypes and they are waiting for the new rev2 to continue in the project. Consequently, it is expected to be released on the market in about 2 years. However, it is not unlikely that the Mega65 will suffer an acceleration and is sold before two years. Will it be vaporware?

The price?

The price also has its importance. I read around and it is believed that the possible price is between 300 and 400 euros!



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